The 'Oliveraie' of La Mouissone is spread over three hectares of the hill slopes below le Bois de la Marbière, to the east of Grasse.

The Gardens of La Mouissone

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  • Spontaneous Perilla frutescens in the compost heap. Perilla is used extensively in Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine. 
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  • Yet more courgettes. With these I made an industrial quantity of Ratatouille. The recipe I use was shown to me nearly fifty years ago by a French friend. The courgettes and aubergines are salted first to draw off the excess liquid. Each ingredient is then sautéed gently and separately. Finally all is mixed together. The addition of chili peppers can lift it to another level !
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  • Ate the first fig from our trees today. The name ‘La Mouissone’ is a variety of fig known since 1745. This tree might be that variety, but we have yet to confirm this. 
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  • Agapanthus still starring in the gardens at La Mouissone 
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  • The gardeners tidied the cold frame and greenhouse today- unlike the UK we empty everything out by the summer because of the heat.  The potted box, myrtle and Myrsine shrubs are all freshly and somewhat unevenly shaped. We like that! 
The stone steps set into the terrace walls are traditional in old Provençal farms. 
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