The Perfumer’s Visit

Our position on the edge of Grasse, the world’s most famous perfume producing town, gives us a special opportunity to learn how plants connect with the world of perfumes.

We in turn, are interested in showing perfume producers, their associates, and garden visitors the plants without which the industry would not have grown.

The term ‘scented garden’ or ‘perfume garden’ immediately suggests to gardeners a particular range of plants. Among the first to be considered would be Grasse’s holy trinity of plants – the rose, jasmine and lavender.

The rose and jasmine

At La Mouissone, we have not yet created such a scented garden. Instead, we have many plants useful in perfumery, which grow sometimes in unexpected areas throughout the olive grove. The gardens are approached through our Vine Walk, which is most perfumed in May and June. Here we have roses, dianthus, false jasmine, myrtle and lilies. The unexpected plant is immortelle or the curry Plant (Helichrysum italicum), which figures strongly in the manufacture of many perfumes.

The Perfumer’s visit focuses on half a dozen plants in season at the time of the visit, from two viewpoints - the perfumer’s and the gardener’s.

Clients also have the opportunity of completing the aromatic experience by tasting the flavours of the selected plants in a luxury picnic lunch - see it, smell it, eat it!

La Mouissone - Illustration
To Visit

Groups of five or more have the choice of a guided tour, or to wander at leisure for a couple of hours at a cost of 12€ per person.

For groups of ten or more a Specialist Tour with Lady Lockett and an invited expert, can be arranged at 20€ per person. An enjoyable picnic lunch or tea (prices on application) can be included within the visit:

  • The Oléiculteur’s Visit
  • The Perfumer’s Visit
  • The Woodland Walk (coming soon)

Useful information for your visit to the gardens of La Mouissone
  1. Guests are strongly advised to wear footwear suitable for walking on rough ground.
  2. Please take extra care on steps, particularly in damp conditions.
  3. Please use the handrails where provided.
  4. Swimming pools and playground equipment are out of bounds expect for the proprietors and their guests.
  5. Parents and accompanying adults are responsible for the safety and good behaviour of children.
  6. Toilets are available. Please dispose of litter in the baskets provided for the purpose.
  7. Please refrain from taking cuttings.
  8. There is no admission for pets.
  9. Please do not smoke.