Almost two decades of experience in creating and maintaining the gardens at La Mouissone and elsewhere, has enabled us to achieve a high level of expertise and skills in difficult gardening situations.

The natural development has been to formalise this concept and capability into a company: La Mouissone SARL - a company which offers the same high standard, wide-ranging gardening expertise and plant knowledge to its clients.

La Mouissone’s team consists of people with long experience and a broad knowledge employing a philosophy of working with the terrain and climate rather than against it, to gain the best possible effect.

Cyril Valhérie

Cyril Valhérie is a talented tree surgeon with many years of practical experience and is known particularly for his sensitive approach to the work to ensure the enhancement of each subject’s qualities, as well as providing for the tree’s long and healthy future.

Maggie Lockett

Maggie Lockett is a plant consultant, with a particular interest in Mediterranean conditions. She has much practical experience and knowledge in choosing plants for gardens in the region. This experience covers the philosophy of drought resistant planting, and constructive advice for the management of gardens for the second home owner.

A visit to our gardens is an opportunity to see the standard of our expertise in tree work and a variety of gardening styles to suit the specific climate we enjoy in the South of France.

A Brief Selection of Services

  • Tree Surgery – For safety, restructuring and garden enhancement
  • Palm Tree Maintenance
  • Specialist Pest and Disease Advice
  • Plant Consultancy - Plant choices specifically for the Mediterranean
  • Plant Sourcing Service - Connections to high grade and specialist nurseries offering the best quality plants at reasonable prices
La Mouissone - Illustration

For expert advice, please contact:
Cyril Valhérie, Head Gardener: 06 11 18 72 84
Maggie Lockett: 06 98 88 64 10
Or email: